All of you in Hong Kong! 1997-2017… Witnessing the handover.

Guys, there is one place you got to be before it gonna be swallowed by Mainland China….

It is Hong Kong!!!

Since China is not at all on its way to the path of enlightment, you must visit little Hong Kong.

Why? because in a shorter time then we think, if nothing happens, Hong Kong might lose its soul and become a chinese city.

Not only it is beautiful, but it is unique.

But we believe in citizens of Hong Kong. They will not let that happen. Think about the umbrella movement favouring free elections in 2014.


It was on July 1, 1997, that Hong-Kong was given back to Mother China.

It has been twenty years now, since we witnessed and celebrated the handover.

I used to live in Hong Kong for quite a long time – a couple of years- before and after the 1997 handover

– which is considered, for many true Hong-Kongers, a true hangover.

This kind of hangover you have, when, waking up the next day,  you will feel sorry you ever drank a drop of alcohol. Know what I am talking about?

When you swear to God, Bouddha, Allah,  Oludum or Civa you will NOT ever  drink the slightest glass of wine…

Same kind of reaction as Captain Haddock in Tintin cartoon in front of a glass of water but the opposite.

Anyhow, most of the English people from this ex British colony went back home for good. Even if they considered Hong Kong home, they went back to mother Great Britain.

A short history

If you do not know what I’m talking  about, D Day of Handover was the day when Hong Kong was given back to its so called owner,China. After being colonized in 1842 by British soldiers, business and commonpeople.

They quite loved it, there, so they staid and did business. In the 1980 Hong-Kong became a little dragon in Asia. Its economy boomed.

But one day Margaret Thatcher decided that was enough and met with Deng Xiao Ping, happy CEO of  China at that time, in 1984. They signed the Basic Law, the new mini-constitution of Hong-Kong.

In 1997 would start a new system. « One country, two systems » they said.

Here comes the time of retrocession, back to mother land, for Hong Kong.

According to that,  Hong Kong would keep « a high degree of autonomy and a way of life that would remain unchanged for 50 years-  untill 2047. » In clear, free economy, free speech, free judicial independance….

The Liaison Office, mainland China government’s organ who took ground in Hong Kong would remain low profile.

Well I am not so sure about that nor are the Hong Kongese now.

 D DAY, I was there

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