All of you in Hong Kong! 1997-2017… Witnessing the handover.

Some say Hong Kong start to be on its way to « mainlandisation ». The Liaison Office is not hiding no more now. China is more and more intruding in Hong Kong affairs…

Would the Liaison Office be the real government now?

One day, one bookseller disappeard from the streets,  just like that.

He suddenly reappeared in China, making official excuses for having published books  chinese leaders did not want to be on the streets..

The point is: restrain democracy.

Manipulating élections  and Self censorship in journalism might be on the rise.

However Hong Kongers still have they say. Popular opinion still manages to make its voice heard.

Come on Young HK generation! Save Hong Kong!

History will tell, it is already telling right now.

Why visiting Hong Kong???

I for one, I just love the place, I find it unique, this is my home.

In Hong kong each of you will find what he or she is expecting

Above  everything  Hong Kong has some of the world’s most fantastic sceneries, views,

I always enjoys it and never get tired of it. Light, atmosphere, changes all the time.

You will also enjoy:

  • A great hyper dynamic city,
  • Beautiful sceneries,
  • Amazing hiking, sailing,
  • Great beaches,
  • Exciting night life
  •  Great bars and restaurants
  • Excellent Customer’s service
  • Fascinating muséums
  •  Beautiful wild beaches and National Parks away from everything
  •  Easy traveling in Hong Kong and to Macao and Mainland China,
  •  Low prices to travel to South East Asia with low cost jetliners, Air Asia, among them.


So come now, to visit  Hong Kong


To prepare your trip you can read my other articles on  my blog

You are also mostP1060063 welcome to read other articles on Hong Kong and China on my blog

When are flying to my second home?



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