All of you in Hong Kong! 1997-2017… Witnessing the handover.


That night, we rushed to bars, to celebrate, then to Legco, to Convention Center, also to the Harbour to see the Farewell English fireworks and the welcome Chinese fireworks.

Some of us went to watch inland soldiers from the red army crossing the border goosestepping. Quite a vision.

Hong Kong would not sleep that night, neither us.

All of us, foreigners, hong kongers, tourists, politicians were galvanized by this electric atmosphere.

Foreign journalists from all other the world  were flying like bees around the crowd to find ‘the story’ of whoever witnesses they could find.

History was coming to us.

That night, we saw English people crying.


Martin Lee, the Hong kong democratic leader made huge speeches in Legco, the house of Parliament in Central.

Chris Patten, the last Hong Kong governor, and Prince Charles left Hong Kong on a british armey cruiser at midnight from Victoria Harbour.

I suddenly realized I was living one of those kind of history directly, a unique page which will never be back.

Us?  We were drunk, to celebrate such a historical day. Not event one Hong Kong resident must have staid home that night. We were all out, waching history happening in front of us.

Before midnight

July 1, 1997? We were admiring  english Farewell fireworks. It was amazing.

After midnight

Chinese entertainers took over.

Guess what?  One of the lovely chinese junks on paper sailing in the Harbour caught fire. Cause one of the firework fell on it.

The weather went bad, suddenly, and Chinese fireworks could not enlight the sky as it planned to…

For us, westerners, it looked  disapppointing, to say the least.

Hong Kongers felt it as a bad sign for the future of Hong Kong…


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