All of you in Hong Kong! 1997-2017… Witnessing the handover.

What of Hong Kong now?

When I  was asking Hong Kong people what they thought of the future of the territory after 1997 they always answered « no opinion ».

At that time, before 1997, the economy was in full speed, we just had to cross the street to start a new job, so why bother on politics?

The situation changed. Economy is still dynamic, but not that much since 1998.  Job competition is much higher.

Now, they have an opinion. They are not happy.

English people have been replaced by huge amount of mainlanders. Some of them are tourists, some of them are billionars investing money in buying properties.

Mandarin language is heard more and more in the streets than english or even cantonese sometimes.

Tourists are sometimes quite unwelcome cause they are not behaving properly.

One day  a row just exploded between Hong Kongers and Mainland tourists. They were letting their kids pooing  or peeing in MTR stations, can you believe it?

MTR  trains and stations are so clean that one could nearly have a BBQ pork directly on the ground. (but then it would not be so clean no more).

When I lived in Hong Kong well educated young executives or graduates  from China sent their resume to the company I worked for.

They applied to vacants jobs with the best diplomas and asking half of salaries of the most basic undergraduate Hong kongese secretary.

As a result, puting more and more pressure on the local job market.

Mainlanders tourists just on a visit put pressure on Hong Kong too… Not only their behaviour could be a problem. Some of them especially on Lowu border, just visit Hong Kong for one day.

They could not be « king just for one day » as David Bowie sang.

Since there were so much problems with fake food in China. (poisoned dairy milk for babies who got killed by this rubbish, heard of the story?)

People lost confidence in buying food.

Made anywhere but in China

So business minded people just cross the border from Shenzhen to buy milk, made anywhere but in China… foreign brands.

They also buy all of products with western brands.

Same ones made in China which did not get the confidence of consumers in terms of quality will not find any buyers who can afford foreign stuff.

Mainlanders are back in China leaving shops empty.

Goods, once it is back on the shelves become suddenly more pricey.

After this « invasion » you can only imagine the mood of Hong Kongers leaving on or near the border..

Not to mention the effect mainland mums coming to give birth might have too. Once they have their babies, the new born is a new Hong kongese.

Shop, Shop, Shop!

This could be the great cry of war for mainlanders. Hong Kongers resent them, calling them « locusts ».

Indeed they have a frenetic way of shopping, to say the least.

They know if they buy some Luis Vuitton or Hermes goods, there are no risks. It will not  be fake.

Imagine an armey of grasshoppers in a corn field somewhere in Africa. Before and after. It will give you an idea of Chinese tourists main activity in Hong Kong.

Property market…

I mentionned you earlier those billionars buying properties in one of the most  expensive territory in the world.

Prices are skyrocketting.  Hong Kongers have to move farther away from downtown.  Half of the population is living in Public housing.

The more it goes, they cannot afford to rent a flat unless it is  close to the border.

Will be little Hong Kong which has its own  identity, unique, will disappear for good, on a not too long term basis, into  the jaws of Mainland China???

What will happen to Hong Kong after those 50 years agreements negociated trough the basic law will come to an end?

Mainland China has time, so much time, the course of history is not the same for them. 50 years are the equivalent of 5 mn for you and me.

A friend of mine – one of the sweetest hong kongers one could ever meet- turns himself into a bunch of wild lions each time he sees a mainlander or mention problems caused by them, or when we start to speak about the leader in Hong Kong.

What now?

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